An information network

Pictulize is a free real-time picture information network. Discover the latest pictures about what you find interesting in a specific area in the world.

See the pulse of the earth in real time

The aim of the web site is to discover what's going on in the World on a map. The heart of pictulize is composed by pictures called Pict . Each Pict has one picture geolocalized and sometime small comment (less than 120 characters). Then Picts are display on a map in order to now where there are taken and find near Picts.

Add/Share your own pictures

To add picture the mobile application 'pictulize' is required. For the moment the pictulize application is available on iPhone and Android comming soon...

Follow users

Because we think friends are importants, we have developped a 'follow process'. With this process don't miss pictures from interesting people.
To use it, you must be logged on the website and click on the follow button on the picture or user pages.





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