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We last updated this Privacy Policy on July 30, 2011. We'll update you before our practices change. As we offer more interesting options for you our policy may change.

Who are we ?

We are Auvinet Valentin and Pierre kopaczewski, two friends with the motivation to create a new social network based on geolocalized picture. We created an app for your smart phone to add picture on the plateforme and a website on which your images, comments, "like" are collectively displayed. We call the app "App" and the website "Site."

This is our Privacy Policy and it applies to our App and Site. If you have questions about our Privacy Policy, please send an email to contact@pictulize.com.

What we collect

We collect:
- Your name and/or email adresse
- The unique identifier on your Device (called also UDID on iPhone).
- Pictures , comments, and actions you take through the App or site
- Information on your location for each picture taken.
We share your Content with others who have access to the web site or the App.
If you find this objectionable, please consider not using our App or Site.

Whate we (and you) share with others

We store and share with other users of the App / site :
- the name you give us when you set up
- your content, with the location from which your Content was created
- your follwing and follower user

What we collect when you acces on pictulize (Web/application)

The usual stuff. Like most online companies, we capture your browser and operating system information, and your IP address. We also collect cookies, which are tiny data files your computer sends us. We use cookies to customize your experience on our Site. If you want to disable the cookies, follow the directions on your browser. Currently, you don't need a login and password to visit our Site, (but we're considering it).

Use by minor

The App and Site are not intended for people under the age of 13. We encourage minors over the age of 13 to seek permission from their parents before using our App and Site.

Respecting privacy

A picture says a thousand words. Before you use our App, consider whether you (or those whose image you capture) want the world to see the picture or video you took. And have fun.
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